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GOLDEN HEALING LIGHT - Guided Meditations


Guided Meditations with Lindsay Barn


This relaxing and energising CD starts with a traditional Hawaiian Huna breathwork technique for relaxation and heightening awareness. This is followed by a wonderful guided meditation to help you visualise yourself as a whole, healed and perfect being before finishing with a visualisation for grounding and protection.




  • "Absolutely wonderful!!! Saw myself fill up with golden healing light and felt my whole body tingling with energy. Felt amazing for ages afterwards...."

  • "Fantastic CD and would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to relax and refresh their energies."

  • "Lindsay's voice is so relaxing and calming that you easily let go of all your stresses and worries so you can allow your mind and body to heal and come back into balance. Thank you..."

  • "I now use the Ha Breathe in my daily life to help me relax and re-charge. Very powerful technique."

GOLDEN HEALING LIGHT - Guided Meditations

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