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Transformation through Sound

1-2-1 Programs

Transformation through Sound 1-2-1 programs are amazingly powerful and work at the deepest level to help you achieve a place of inner peace and happiness.

1-2-1 sessions follow a similar process to all the other programs but in a way that allows us to tailor the experience to your exact needs and requirements. It allows us the time to focus on and resolve any specific issues and areas that have come up through the session where we need to pay particular attention.

These very special and transformational 1-2-1 programs are currently available as one off sessions, regular weekly sessions or one, two or three day intensives. All are by appointment only.

An initial telephone conversation with Lindsay will be required to discuss your situation and the program prior to booking.

Start your transformational journey today by contacting Lindsay to arrange your initial conversation.

Comments from some of the

Transformation through Sound programs


  • "Amazingly powerful"

  • "I'm experiencing a feeling of peace and calm in situations where I would normally feel panic and anxiety"

  • "I feel a deep sense of connection with my inner self"

  • "A huge feeling of clarity and peace"

  • "For the first time I'm experiencing a freedom from fear"

  • "The Transformation through Sound program has been truly phenomenal"

Helping you to live an Extraordinary, CreativeAmazing Life

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