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TC Feedback David
"Lindsay exudes a clarity and positivity of thought that I find genuinely uplifting. He always helps me view things in a clearer and more positive way and our conversations are just “fun” and “happy”. It’s hard to explain or put into words but Lindsay listens in a way that encourages me to respond to my thoughts and feelings from that deep place of inner wisdom which always seems beyond conventional thinking. Through our conversations Lindsay responds to what I’m saying or feeling rather than making no comment or coming up with stock answers and it's always without opinion or judgement."
Bob, Managing Director, Theatre Company
'Working with Lindsay is NOT learning a new system, changing your thinking or the next magic bullet.
It is about reconnecting with yourself on a deep level. Initially, there was much venting of frustration and stress then the feeling of peace after each session was something to behold - eventually there were tears of joy! Recently had a fourth redundancy 
and without having had the fortune of meeting Lindsay, it would have been handled with the usual car crash of chaos.
Can't thank him enough for what he has done - my recommendation is you should just jump in and go for full immersion'
Jeremy, Private Individual
"I happened to meet Lindsay at a time in my life when everything seemed to be going well and I felt very happy. I had built a very successful business and was considering retirement but something didn’t feel quite right about my life so I contacted Lindsay to see if he could help me find whatever was missing. His coaching was excellent and through the sessions he helped me see how disconnected I had become from my own self and how I was no longer able to tell the difference between my own inner wisdom and what I was thinking over and over in my head.
Almost immediately after the coaching I had a very bad feeling about a large investment I’d made for my retirement. So, trusting myself completely, I acted on my inner wisdom and removed all funds and closed the account.  Well, I couldn’t believe what happened in the 48 hours that followed… Without any warning the investment company went into liquidation overnight and all investors lost all their money.
Thanks to Lindsay’s coaching I'd woken up to my inner wisdom and trusting myself implicitly, saved my entire retirement fund.
Going to see Lindsay was without doubt one of the best decisions and investments I have ever made."
Stephen, Legal Practice Principle
"I’ve been in business for myself for more than 10 years but recently felt my work and life reach a ceiling where I wasn’t able to move forward or lift myself to the next level.  Lindsay had been recommended by a friend to help me get through whatever it was that was holding me back and to rediscover myself and what my purpose in life was.
His coaching was just amazing and incredibly insightful and inspirational and helped me help myself back to who I am on the inside, the authentic me if you like, where I had absolute clarity and focus.
Lindsay’s style is not like any other coach or mentor I’d used before as he works at such a deep level that the transformational process is almost subliminal. It seems like you just wake up one day and realise that your life is totally amazing and awesome and very, very different.
I now feel motivated, focussed, energised and completely inspired…. This is the first time in years that I’ve felt so excited about my business and my life…
Thank you Lindsay…."
David, Business Owner
"Lindsay is probably one of the best Transformational Coaches in the UK today.  His honesty, integrity and compassion are matched only with his great insight and commitment."
Andy, Entrepreneur
"I had a series of sessions with Lindsay at a particularly low point and now in reflection I fully appreciate the profound and accumulative effect each one had, allowing space for greater clarity, focus and inspiration.
If you're serious about change and open to the outcome then this is truly a transformational experience."
Debbie, Holistic Health Therapist
"After a 10 year period of working on myself, reading countless self help books, being positive, reciting affirmations and searching for answers to why my life felt empty, somebody recommended Lindsay. What an amazing experience. It is the first time in my life that I'm experiencing self love - WOW…. I feel incredibly lucky to have met Lindsay and received this life transformation, it’s changed my life and I cannot thank him enough.
I think everyone should have a Lindsay Barn experience."
Denise, Private Individual
"I had been struggling with an old emotional trauma for a number of years and had tried lots of different therapies but none had been successful until now. I came to see Lindsay on recommendation from a very good friend. After just one session he had helped me to resolve the trauma and I was amazed at how calm and peaceful the process was not to mention how simple it all felt. It worked magnificently.  During my session I happened to mention that I had a fear of flying so Lindsay explained he could use the same process to deal with this as well. Again the process was calm and peaceful and very simple, but it worked.
All the anxiety in the build up to flying has gone and the flight itself was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.
Thank you so much Lindsay"
Jackie, Company Director
"Before I arrived to see Lindsay for my first session I was apprehensive and very stressed. There was something not quite right in my life and I couldn't justify why I was so anxious and mentally drained. After the first session I knew that Lindsay would be able to help me get back to my heart and my true self. Over a period of a few months, I gradually started to connect with my inner self for the first time. A combination of techniques and coaching meant that I could unlock the happiness within me.
A lot of things have changed since my first session with Lindsay, all of which are making me extremely happy and at peace. I am finally following my heart."
Sophia, Teacher
"For a long time, I felt like I had gone for a wander in a very large forest, whilst not sinister, I felt like I had lost little pieces of myself along the way, however, by the time I realised I had, I couldn't find my way back. Going to see Lindsay was the best decision I could have ever made, because he held my hand on my journey back to reclaim my true self.
I am eternally grateful for everything Lindsay has done for me, and would encourage anyone who doesn't have that complete sense of self worth or peace to have a chat with him...   It changed my life. Thank you for everything :-)"
Hannah, Sales Negotiator
"I started visiting Lindsay for regular sessions during an emotionally challenging time in my life.  It's easy to neglect your emotions during stressful periods and this is exactly what Lindsay helped me with.  After the first session I found I was sleeping better and more focussed the next day.  As I continued to have sessions I experienced some huge energy shifts and it became infinitely easier to cope with life's challenges meaning I could remain focused, enabling me to be the person I needed to be at that time.
Lindsay is a remarkable inspirational coach I would highly recommend that anyone who needs an emotional or physical boost spends some time in his powerful yet gentle energy, I cannot find the words to express my gratitude to Lindsay for his help.  
Thank you very, very much."
John, Business Owner
"Lindsay has helped me transform into my true self, to trust and love myself.  It's hard to put into words what an amazingly compassionate, understanding, generous and gifted teacher/coach Lindsay is.   He has given me a new perspective on life which allows me to enjoy the beauty, symmetry and eloquence of my life's path.
With Lindsay's guidance I have been able to recognise, acknowledge and embrace my power, my strength and my inner beauty.  In a humble yet empowered way."
Gail, Private Individual
Feedback TtS
"Since our session on Friday I have been feeling much more loose in my body, my neck feels so much better and I slept really well, for the first time in a while.  The session took me deep, no thought. Not even having to not pay attention to it! So over the weekend my meditations have felt deeper and there has been more clarity generally.
Spending more time in the ‘Heart-space’ and less in the ‘Head-space’!
Bless you for doing this Lindsay, it was very special for me."
"Lindsay your Transformation Through Sound course has been one of the most profound , personal and inspirational experiences I have had. I approached it with an open mind and without expectation only to be blown away by the unbelievable energy of the phase drum . You truly do "go within", see yourself, release and emerge feeling calm and energised but with a deeper understanding of the true you and that unexplainable place of love ❤️
Lindsay you are awesome !"
"The TRANSFORMATION THROUGH SOUND Program has been truly phenomenal. I have never experienced such a deep connection to such beautiful sounds as the phase drum and the tuning forks, they seemed to resonate deep within providing a sense of calmness and peace. The safe and secure environment provided by Lindsay allows one to experience a haven where the self can search and reconnect deep within..... Thank you again Lindsay....."
"After attending some meditation sessions with Lindsay, which I found absolutely delightful, so relaxing, calming and moving, I decided to join his Transformation through Sound program. The whole experience, I feel, gives one a very pleasant feeling of absorbing the sound and vibration throughout the body and mind, and seems to better equip oneself to be able to deal with whatever life throws at you in a much calmer way. This wonderful feeling of inner peace, tranquillity and calmness has I believe definite health benefits. I would highly recommend meditation and this Transformation through Sound program with Lindsay."
"I found Lindsay's 6 week Transformation through Sound program to be a profound journey inwards; unearthing hidden fears, highlighting known ones and releasing their power; accepting, loving, supporting and honouring myself at a deeper level and taking full responsibility for all my thoughts, choices and experiences. By literally just showing up each week with no expectation or attachment and just being open to the vibrations and surrendering to what comes up, I now feel a renewed sense of enthusiasm, excitement and appreciation for everything and everyone. Truly amazing experience, I feel so alive, present and empowered, I can't recommend it enough."
"Thank you Lindsay for a phenomenal 6 weeks of Transformation through Sound... I didn't want it to finish!!!
As you said it would, the sound healing brought a profound and deep but gentle and effortless change within me that can only be measured by my happier, richer, more peaceful and acceptant experience of life. What I wrote may sound cryptic but I know that yourself and everyone who did a program with you will understand it well. 😃
Not all can be adequately expressed by words, never the less, Thank you...😃"
Feedback MM
"I didn't realise just how busy my mind was until I attended Lindsay's meditation. A very relaxing and healing experience."
"Learning to meditate has literally changed my life. I had been feeling very stressed and was tired all the time but now using Lindsay's guided meditations and learning to just take a few minutes to calm my mind I have my life back. I'm full of energy and don't get stressed so easily. Thank you Lindsay..."
"Lindsay's evenings of Meditation are absolutely wonderful. They offer you a safe place of complete inner peace and calm and allow you to give fully to yourself. To me they're an oasis of calm in a very busy world."
"With a full time job and a family to look after I was finding it difficult to find any time for myself and if I did find any time, I would have just fallen asleep. Through meditation I am learning to take a little time for me and give myself permission to just be with myself and sit in my own inner peace, calm, love and joy.
I'm finding it very empowering and what surprises me the most is that I only need to take 10-15 minutes a day."
"I attended some meditation sessions with Lindsay and found them absolutely delightful, so relaxing, calming and moving. This wonderful feeling of inner peace, tranquillity and calmness has I believe definite health benefits."

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