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Transformative Music

"Transformative Music" is a series of exciting programs, workshops, courses and music for those wishing to explore the deep connection we all have within ourselves using sound, vibration and rhythm where we can experience its ability to bring our Body, Mind and Spirit back into Balance and Harmony.

We are all energy, and energy is a frequency or vibration, so when we open ourselves to certain sounds and rhythms it has the ability to transport us to a place of inner peace and calm.
It is whilst in this place that specific frequencies and rhythms can really start to aid in the natural healing process whether that be at a Spiritual, Mental, Emotional or Physical level.

Comments from some of the Transformative Music programs


  • "Amazingly powerful"

  • "I'm experiencing a feeling of peace and calm in situations where I would normally feel panic and anxiety"

  • "I feel a deep sense of connection with my inner self"

  • "A huge feeling of clarity and peace"

  • "For the first time I'm experiencing a freedom from fear"

  • "One of the most profound , personal & inspirational experiences I have had"

  • "The Transformation through Sound program has been truly phenomenal"

Playing Phase Drum.jpg

"...Truly amazing experience, I feel so alive, present and empowered, I can't recommend it enough..."

through Sound
These programs have been specifically developed using the ancient Original Solfeggio scale of Sacred Tones which have been in use for over 1,000 years to help us to Heal and to Awaken our True Perfect State.
Through the programs you will be experiencing and learning about the transformational qualities of sound and vibration and how it connects
with you at the very deepest level.
1-2-1 programs
For those looking for deep and personal
transformational results.
 The 1-2-1 programs can be tailored to your specific requirements and can be experienced as
individual sessions or as one, two or three day intensives.

"...One of the most profound , personal and inspirational experiences I have had..."

"A Journey Home"
A powerful
Transformation through Sound
Audio Program
with Lindsay Barn

Sound & Rhythm

Coming Soon...


Studio Kit.jpg
Hand Drums


Coming Soon...

Binaural Rhythms

Find out how this powerful yet subtle way of using sound and rhythm can help you

increase relaxation, foster positive moods and promote creativity.

See also how they can be really helpful in reducing

anxiety and stress and can assist in managing pain.


Be the Transformation you want to see in the World

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