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Transformative Music

Welcome to my latest album of
Transformative Music,
"Rhythms of the Soul".

This piece of music has been 3 years in the making and has been the most extraordinary exploration of not just how sound and rhythm can deeply influence and transform our lives but also how I express myself in the world as a musician and coach. The writing and recording took about 12-18 months and the rest of the time has been with me coming to terms with accepting that this is me. That this is MY expression of Lindsay. It's unique and very different but it's most definitely ME.

The album started out as music to help balance your energy but as I explored more deeply it evolved into what you might call a "Concept Album" with each track leading you into the next. Feedback so far is suggesting that listening to the whole piece in one go provides maximum Transformative benefits although please feel free to dip into whatever part you feel drawn to.

Through the process I found myself releasing, letting go and surrendering to what is true for me and again, feedback suggests that this music takes you home, so let go and allow the music to lead you to wherever it leads you and follow your heart and dance to it, sing to it, drum to it, clean to it, sleep to it or just listen to it, but do whatever feels right to do and see where it takes you.

I've been a drummer for more than 45 years and have been studying sound healing for the last 10 and this is the first time that I've put together music for transformation using powerful rhythms, sound, frequency and specific tempos. There are even very low frequency binaural beats in the bass to help you get really deep...... (These are best experienced through a good pair of headphones).

My hope is that you too will find yourself releasing, letting go and surrendering
to really explore what is true for you.

So whether you are moved by it or transformed by it or simply enjoy it as a piece of music......
Just let the music take you home....

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen.

Once you've had a chance to listen through I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences and if you subsequently felt any shifts, changes, transformation or magic.

Just drop me an email at


I very much look forward to hearing from you.....

With Peace, Love and Happiness

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