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Transformation through Sound

Audio Programs

A Brand New
Transformation through Sound Audio Program
with Lindsay Barn

Everything is made of energy, and energy is a vibration or frequency and so when we expose ourselves to certain frequencies that resonate with our mind, body and spirit we are opening ourselves to the possibility of bringing our whole self back into balance and harmony.

This Transformation through Sound program, “A Journey Home”, has been specifically developed using the ancient Original Solfeggio Scale of Sacred Tones which have been around for over 1,000 years to help us to Heal and to Awaken our True Perfect State.

It is a fusion of Double Phase Drum, Tuning Forks and Keyboards creating a truly amazing soundscape of frequencies and harmonies along with Lindsay’s relaxing and calming voice to guide you through every stage of this elegant transformational journey.  

A Journey Home is a wonderful introduction into this powerful and personal transformational process and can be used as often as felt necessary.

It is also a great way to experience a quick “top-up” for those who have already completed any of the full 6-week or weekend or 1-2-1 programs. 

This wonderful and gentle sonic journey is best experienced at a comfortable volume through Headphones.

The Journey;

  • Introduction

  • Preparation for your Journey - A Guided Relaxation

  • Program of Intentions

  • 1 - Reduce Pain & Influence Energy Fields

  • 2 - Turning Grief into Joy & Liberate from Guilt & Fear

  • 3 - Undoing Situations & Facilitating Change

  • 4 - Transformation & Miracles (DNA Repair)

  • 5 - Re-connecting & Balancing Relationships

  • 6 - Solving Problems, Expressions & Solutions

  • 7 - Awakening Intuition & Returning to Spiritual Order

  • 8 - Awakening Your Perfect State - Return to Oneness

  • 9 - Integration & Completion

  • Returning Home

A Journey Home - 4:26 minute sample

(Best experienced through Headphones.)

  • "Serene and intensely powerful. It left me with a beautiful feeling of stillness and wholeness."

  • "A deeply healing experience - Thank you Lindsay."

  • "A phenomenally powerful process. I'd already completed the 6 week program which was an awesomely transformational experience and so wasn't sure how this would work but WOW...... It's like a continuation of the process of self discovery where you can dive even more deeply into your true authentic self and the more I listen to it the deeper I go each time. It truly is A Journey Home....."

  • A truly amazing program. The lovely relaxation takes you to a place within yourself where the music , sounds and vibrations can take you on a beautiful journey back to the truth that is your Self."

Comments from some of the Transformation through Sound programs


  • "Amazingly powerful"

  • "I'm experiencing a feeling of peace and calm in situations where I would normally feel panic and anxiety"

  • "I feel a deep sense of connection with my inner self"

  • "A huge feeling of clarity and peace"

  • "For the first time I'm experiencing a freedom from fear"

  • "The Transformation through Sound program has been truly phenomenal"

Helping you to live an Extraordinary, CreativeAmazing Life

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