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  • "An amazing album that takes you on an incredibly gentle and loving journey back to your true self."

  • "So relaxing and healing."

  • "A truly inspirational sonic experience where the music can help you re-connect with your inner self."

  • "A very powerful CD which not only helped me in my meditation but had a very relaxing effect in calming my normally very hyper active Cocker Spaniel... Thank you Lindsay :-)"

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You can also download directly from iTunes.

Music & Sound Healing
with Lindsay Barn

CD - £ 9.99

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Total running time - 43:54

Music & Sound Healing with Lindsay Barn


This beautiful, harmonic and rhythmical album has been recorded using a double Phase Drum which is tuned around the Solfeggio scale.

This 6 note scale is thought to have been used in sacred music where each Solfeggio tone comprises a frequency required to balance your energy and bring your body, mind and spirit into perfect harmony.

You can listen to all the tracks and allow the sound and vibration to travel to where it is most needed or you can use an individual track to assist in clearing and balancing an area of your life connected to the specific intention of that track.

For Healers and Therapists Balance & Harmony is a fabulous piece of music to use while you're working with clients as it will greatly aid in the relaxation and healing process.

Track Listing & Samples


  • Liberating Guilt & Fear (5:36)

  • Undoing Situations & Facilitating Change (5:46)

  • Rejuvenation & Energising (5:16)

  • Transformation & Miracles (DNA Repair) (8:05)

  • Reconnecting & Balancing Relationships (7:07)

  • Awakening Intuition (6:00)

  • Returning to Spiritual Order (6:02)

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