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You are NOT your THINKING......

You are not fear, you are not worry, you are not anger, you are not stress, you are not anxiety, you are not depression, you are not hatred, you are not bad, you are not ugly, you are not screwed up, you are not alone, you are not unloved, you are not broken, you are not who you THINK you are.

What you really are is pure peace, pure love, pure joy, you are perfect, you are awesome, you are amazing, you are beautiful, you are gorgeous, you are compassion, you are caring, you are loving, you are happy, you are extraordinary, you are creative, you are a miracle, you are life itself, you are complete, you are whole, you are the infinite creative potential of the entire universe.

You're not your thinking, you are so, so much more, and when you get quiet you just know this to be True......

Today notice your thinking and see if you can see through the veil of thought that is creating your experience in life.....

With love

Lindsay x

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