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BALANCE & HARMONY - Music & Sound Healing

Balance & Harmony.

Music & Sound Healing with Lindsay Barn


This beautiful, harmonic and rhythmical album has been recorded using a double Phase Drum which is tuned to the Solfeggio scale.

This 6 note scale is thought to have been used in sacred music where each Solfeggio tone comprises a frequency required to balance your energy and bring your body, mind and spirit into perfect harmony.




  • "An amazing album that takes you on an incredibly gentle and loving journey back to your true self."

  • "So relaxing and healing."

  • "A truly inspirational sonic experience where the music can help you re-connect with your inner self."

  • "A very powerful CD which not only helped me in my meditation but had a very relaxing effect in calming my normally very hyper active Cocker Spaniel... Thank you Lindsay :-)"

BALANCE & HARMONY - Music & Sound Healing

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