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Transformative Music

"Transformative Music" is a series of exciting programs, workshops and courses for those wishing

to explore the deep connection we all have within ourselves using sound, vibration and rhythm

to experience its ability to bring our Body, Mind and Spirit back into Balance and Harmony.

Transformative Coaching

"Transformative Coaching" is working with you to wake you up to your infinite creative potential and

help you live an amazing and extraordinary life. This powerful transformational coaching works at a deep

level of Mind, Consciousness and Thought and gives life changing results that last.

Walking with Lindsay

"Walking with Lindsay" is Transformative Coaching on the move.....  Walking and talking in nature

provides a real and visceral connection with our own truth and allows us to be in that beautiful place

within ourselves where we do our most inspired thinking.  Please note; Walking boots will be required.....

Meditation & Mindfulness

"Meditation & Mindfulness" are incredibly powerful ways to help us lead happy, peaceful and healthy lives.

They're are subtle differences but both teach us the art of stilling our mind so we can listen to our

inner self without all the external noise of life, thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

Why not check out our 10 minute Guided Relaxation to see how this

powerful practice can seriously improve your life.

The home of Inspiration, Transformation & Change

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