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Lindsay uses a variety of energy techniques in his work including Reiki, and as a Reiki Master Teacher

offers training in this wonderfully elegant healing system.


So what is Reiki ?


Reiki, (pronounced Ray-Key), is an elegant ancient Japanese form of natural healing which works on an

energetic level within the body. Its gentle and subtle energies help to assist the body in healing itself,

re-aligning the Chakras and releasing unwanted blockages.

Rei means Universal - All Around Us, and Ki means Life-Force Energy


Lindsay is a Reiki Master Teacher and has been working with this natural energy healing method for more

than 15 years using the Usui method of Reiki so named after it's founder in modern times, Mikao Usui.

Lindsay offers healing treatments as well as 1-2-1 Training by special request.

Please contact him for further information.

Training is for all levels of Reiki from Reiki 1 & 2 to Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher.

All trainings are conducted over two days.

                                 Book your Reiki Training here...

               Reiki level 1                     £ 185.00
               Reiki level 2                     £ 235.00
               Reiki Master/Teacher    £ 400.00


Reiki Treatments


Reiki treatments are deeply relaxing, non-invasive and a great anti-dote to stress!

During a Reiki treatment the hand positions used correspond to the seven main Chakras or Energy Centres and endocrine glandular systems of the body, although it is known that the healing energy has an intelligence of it's own and will therefore flow wherever it is most needed in the body at that time.

Treatments are deeply relaxing & very effective for stress relief, anxiety and emotional traumas as well as all aspects of physical healing.

A Reiki treatment also promotes balance and a sense of well-being.

Treatments are totally non-invasive (hands off the body) and fully clothed.


Contact Lindsay to arrange your Reiki Treatment today.

                           Book your Reiki Treatment here...

               Reiki treatment (60 mins)    £   60.00

If You Don't Go Within, You Go Without

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