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Helping you to live an Extraordinary, Creative & Amazing Life

Welcome to


The home of inspiration, transformation & change.

theinspirationbarn is the vision of Transformative Coach & Musician Lindsay Barn.

It is the place where he offers a variety of  programs to help guide you home to your true authentic self,

to the place where you do your most inspired thinking,

so you can be the person you were born to be,

living the life you were born to live.

Helping you to wake up to your Infinite Creative Potential.

Helping you return to the space within you where you have complete freedom of mind so you can play in the
infinite creative potential that you are, and create an extraordinary, creative & amazing life.
"Life is an inside job.....
Let Lindsay help you wake-up to the real YOU..."
Let Lindsay take you on a journey through
sound and rhythm to the place within you
where you are already whole, complete and  perfect, where you can explore the true beauty and wonder
of who you really are and start to express yourself in the world from this amazing place.

"Let the music take you home..."
Sitting on a Bench
"Meditation & Mindfulness" are incredibly powerful ways to help us lead happy, peaceful and healthy lives.

There are subtle differences but both teach us the art of stilling our mind so we can listen to our inner self
without all the external noise of life,
thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

"Why not check out our 10 minute Guided Relaxation to see how this powerful practice can seriously improve your life..."
"A Journey Home"
A powerful
Transformation through Sound
Audio Program
with Lindsay Barn
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The home of Inspiration, Transformation & Change

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